IPL Store

The IPL Store is an integrated product catalog and online ordering system that has evolved from a need to better service our customers. Traditionally, companies handle orders through multiple channels including telephone help desks, walk in orders and email orders, all of which result in workflows that make it difficult to service and track customer orders.

IPL Store offers an integrated solution to catalog, view, order, track, manage and service a complete suite of products in an easy to use web based GUI that is optimized for web, mobile and tablet delivery.

  • Complete product catalog management that is customizable for different product types
  • Integrated shopping cart functionality linked to e-ordering application
  • Advanced search and filtering options that allow users to quickly narrow down searches
  • Ordering application with order history and tracking for customers
  • Complaints and claims module for integrated CRM features
  • New Product Information and Circulars distribution via application
  • Linked to Vroom Loyalty Program for product purchase against points redemption
  • Hosted application (SaaS Model) at a minimal entry cost
  • SMS alerts and notifications for ordering module
  • Custom ERP integration to pass on order information directly to legacy systems as well as extract pricing information
  • Application intelligence dashboards and reports