Mobile Application Development

At IPL, we recognize that the world is changing the way it accesses information. With the proliferation of smart phones, mobile platforms are fast becoming the first place users turn to for information. Recognizing the need for information to be available to users whenever they want, wherever they want, IPL has extended several of its applications on mobile and tablet platforms. For non-smartphone users, we implement SMS based alerts, notifications, queries and even transactions on several of our applications.

Our web based applications are already mobile ready with mobile specific style sheets where required and HTML5 where interactivity is required.

Where a higher level of security and control is required, we develop native applications on multiple platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile both for custom deployment as well as for sale on the app markets.

  • Multi-platform development for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile
  • Web applications developed for mobile web access on phones and tablets
  • SMS based applications for non-smartphone mobiles
  • Data driven applications to extend existing in-house applications
  • Native app development for custom deployment and app marketplaces
  • 3D Native Application and Game Development